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October Pet of the Month.

My name is Ellie, and I became very sick in June 2018. I was treated for liver failure at North River Animal Hospital and after three months my liver values are finally NORMAL! 
I am doing much better and have so much energy. It was so hard to sit still for my photo shoot, but I managed with some treats. I would like to thank my mom for all her great care, she saved my life!

September Pet of the Month

Spock is 10 years old and just had his first dental. He had some problems in the past with his mouth and is feeling loads better. Spock is more affectionate, has more energy, and better breath after his stay  at North River Animal Hospital. This guy is doing great and couldn't be happier.

August Pet of the Month

Rudy likes snuggling with his people, riding in the car, and kissing his cat, Newt (which she hates). He is not a fan of strangers, going out in the rain, and June bugs who hide in the grass and touch his feet. Rudy used to hate going to the vet. With patient and gentle care, Saturday visits, and tons of cookies, Rudy is now a model patient. He loves to go see his friends at North River Animal Hospital. And sometimes if he is good, he gets to try to kiss Angel the clinic cat (which she hates). Rudy has decided for the next month, he would prefer to be called Mr. August. Way to live large Rudy!

July Pet of the Month 
This is Louie, he is a very sweet boy who has already been through a lot. He was seen at Animal Surgical Center for surgery on both front legs (medial coronoid process).After a few months Louie was able to start taking short walks. Now he is free to play with his siblings: Homer, Jackson and Rockie.
Fefe was in need of a home and an emergency ocular (eye) surgery. As luck would have it,  she captured the heart of one of the employees at North River Animal Hospital. Now she has one great owner, one great home and one great eye.
Wilson was in need of medical care as well as a new home. He had stones present in his bladder, lodged in his urethra and required emergency surgery. After surgery and few days of hospitalization and care, Wilson was feeling much better. He has a new home now and is enjoying it to the fullest. 
March Pet of the Month.
My name is Tinkerbell, I like long walks on the beach and snacking on things my mom does not want me to. I had to see the veterinarians at N.R.A.H for a foreign body surgery. They removed lots of interesting things and I am feeling almost like myself again.
February Pet of the Month

Hi, my name is Tulio. My mom and dad brought me to see the Veterinarian because I was sneezing and having a hard time breathing. I am breathing better now that I am at the "tail" end of my upper respiratory infection.

January Pet of the Month

Remy was found at the end of October and was covered in mats, especially on his belly. After two and a half hours of cutting mats out of his fur he was 95% mat free. Now Remy lives in a home with two people who love him very much. "He has brought a lot of joy to my cousin and I. I'm so happy and thankful that I was able to give him a good home."

December Pet of the Month.

Jax is a 4 year old German Shepherd who has chronic ear infections. Thanks to frequent ear cleanings and a change in food Jax is able to maintain those big ears. His parents are a key part in his success, Thank you!

November Pet of the Month

Hi, my name is Maisy. I am a 13 year old yellow lab. I was unable to walk due to an idiopathic  vestibular disease in my ear. I am gaining coordination now and walking better day by day.

October Pet of the Month

Sophie was brought into see us because she was not feeling well. After seeing the veterinarian she was diagnosed with a pyometra and had an emergency surgery preformed. She is feeling great now!

Meet Fergie, an 11 year old Boston Terrier. Fergie's owner brings her to the hospital for yearly vaccine titers. Vaccine titers check for specific levels of antibodies in the blood and tell us if there are enough present to fend off diseases. These antibodies are produced from the body's response to a virus, bacteria or vaccine. Titers are a good alternative for our pets who experience severe vaccine reactions.

This is Maple, he  came to visit us for a clean bill of health in order to attend the fair. Due to a scrape on his nose, he was unable to attend. This seemed to turn out in his favor as he had a photo shoot for North River Animal Hospital's pet of the month! Maple's mom Natalie included a list of special things about Maple.

1. Maple is a really sweet rabbit.
2. Always ready to play.
3. Loves to be held.
4. Is nice to most rabbits.
5. Easy to dress up.
6. He is the best rabbit anyone could have. 
7. His breed is a Holland Lop.

 In June Ike came to see us because he was vomiting,had a decreased appetite and was gradually losing weight. With the help of our Veterinarians, staff and blood work, Ike was diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis). Ike was treated with an antibiotic, anti-emetic (anti-vomiting), appetite stimulate, fluids and a diet change. Now Ike's parents say he is acting like a new cat, which is great for a 12 year old!

Quinn was adopted into her forever home with a great mom and dad. After settling into her new home she got a sister named Ivy. Shortly after this she started to have some problems with her eyes and a decrease in appetite. Quinn was prescribed antibiotics for a upper respiratory  infection but still was not eating. Mom and dad brought her back in and she was placed on an additional medication. With the hard work of her parents hand feeding, medicating and round the clock care Quinn is now feeling much better!

HI, my name is Mason...  I'm an "elderly" Newfoundland. Let me tell you about what recently happened to me.   Just a little over a year ago my groomer (super awesome Brandy that moved away) found a big mass on my side.  
I was promptly appointed a visit with my favorite vet, Dr.  Donna, she did some X-rays and other tests to confirm that this was nothing to be concerned with.   I had what they called a "fatty lipoma."   Dr.  Donna told my mom that she doesn't normally remove them unless I have pain or appear to have loss of my day to day lifestyle.    Unfortunately the lipoma kept growing. My daddy even commented that he wondered how far my side could stretch because things were getting tight on my side.That thing didn't seem to really bother me until one day I just didn't feel very good. I didn't want to eat any-thing... Let me tell you, I love my food and am proud to be the first to finish.   Mom and dad were a bit concerned but didn't know why I wouldn't eat.   One morning,  I just couldn't get up,  mom tried and tried... She even called grandma in near tears trying to find Dad to help me.   I growled at mom,  I was not myself.   
I ended up at Dr Donna's office and mom and Dr. agreed... This thing had to go!!! I'm kind of old and my parents and Dr. Donna were concerned about me having surgery... So they took a little bit of blood to test (it wasn't too bad, I'm brave).   My white cells came back a bit high for me; I'm always dealing with a skin infection or something, so they weren't too concerned. With-out me knowing, I was all set up for surgery in a week, I had to take those yucky antibiotics and I already didn't feel well.  
The day of surgery came and mom and dad took me to see Dr.  Donna and Tracey (she's awesome too!)    I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew I'd be OK...  My parents wouldn't have just dropped me off anywhere. Mom got some calls at work and Dr. Donna encountered some surprises... Apparently my lipoma had gotten so big that it killed off some of my tissue and I got a bad infection (they called it an abscess).  
It wasn't safe for me to go home so I had to stay at another animal hospital my parents took me to.     Due to the extensive severity of that thing (fatty lipoma) I ended up needing a blood transfusion.   Mom kept calling me at the hospital wanting to know how I was and what those numbers were (PCV to deter-mine my red blood cell count).  
Eventually on Sunday (after arriving Thursday night) they said I could go home.  I've never seen my mom and dad so happy to see me!    They got me home and told me I could not go up and down the stairs AND I had to stay confined to the bathroom to be safe.  Mom was super worried to go to work and leave me alone so she sent Dad to get a camera so they could watch me (weirdoes!).
So...  It's been one month and I'm off all the antibiotics and no pain medications...  My hair is even filling in.  I'm the happy, healthy, cuddly guy everyone loves again.
I am so grateful to Dr. Donna, Tracy and my parents because from what I hear,  if I hadn't had surgery,  I wouldn't be here now!! ? 

    April Pet of the Month

Molly is a 10 year old Blue Heeler. She has been the best dog you could imagine. She is sweet, very loving and gives the best hugs! Molly was born with one brown and one blue eye. She has a genetic disease that caused a lens luxation and secondary glaucoma. Both of her eyes were removed to make her pain free and she is doing wonderful ... we are so grateful!

March Pet of the Month

Larkin was brought into North River Animal  Hospital for a suspected foreign body. Through a barium series, Dr. Darling was able to determine if there was any blockages present. She noted "contrast moved through adequately. On last image there was an oddly shaped structure within the colon." Larkin passed a large Nerf dart shortly after returning home.

This is Ziggy and he has been through a lot . He is about 4 months old and has already been to an emergency hospital. Ziggy was treated for hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. After a long road to recovery, he is starting to feel like a puppy again! We love you Ziggy!

January Pet of the Month 

Willie is 14 years old and was diagnosed with Diabetes in February 2016. He was started on insulin and Royal Canin diabetic food. It was hard to keep a "balanced" glucose level, but Willie's family did a great job. He has not  received insulin injections for about 5 months now and continues to maintain a normal glucose level. Congratulations Willie!

December Pets of the Month

This month we are celebrating Olive and Sydney ! These girls are 3 years old and are doing great. Their mom brings them in just about every month to trim up their nails. This works out great because they both get unlimited nail trims because they are on North River Animal Hospitals wellness plans. See you girls soon.

November we celebrate pet dental health month. Thank you to all who came in to see us during this time!